Keep In Chat: Your New Sender Superpower

With Disappearing Messages Conversations No Longer Need to Last Forever – Just Like Real-Life Dialogues. The added layer of privacy safeguards messages from falling into unintended hands, but occasionally, you might want to retain a crucial voice note or piece of information.

We are excited to introduce “Save in Chat,” enabling you to preserve important texts for future reference, while providing the sender with a unique power. We believe that if you’ve sent the message, it’s up to you whether others in the chat can store it for later use.

To facilitate this, the sender will receive a notification if someone saves a message, and the sender has the right to overrule that decision. If you determine your message shouldn’t be saved by others, your verdict is final, and no one else can retain it. The message will be removed when the timer runs out, ensuring that you have ultimate control over the protection of the messages you send.

Messages you’ve saved on your WhatsApp will be marked with a bookmark symbol, and you can view these messages, sorted by chat, in the Saved Messages folder.

We hope users appreciate this new feature and the ability to retain essential messages. This update will be rolling out worldwide in the coming weeks.

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