Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup: New Privacy Features

Protecting the privacy of your messages is still our top concern at WhatsApp. Although the cornerstone of our dedication to guaranteeing secure calls and texts is End-to-End encryption, we are constantly improving privacy precautions. We just released Chat Lock, which lets you use a password to secure private conversations. Additionally, additional layers of privacy are added by features like the ability to keep your online presence secretly, the ability to ban screenshots for View Once, and disappearing messages.

We are excited to share with you two new additions to this growing range today: Privacy Checkup and Silence Unknown Callers, both of which are now free for all users.

You gain more control over incoming calls and increased privacy when you Silence Unknown Callers. It offers improved protection by automatically weeding out spam, frauds, and calls from unfamiliar people. Although your phone won’t ring, you can still see these calls in your Call list in case they are from someone significant.

We are launching Privacy Checkup to spread awareness and make sure that everyone is aware of the various safety choices on WhatsApp.

With the help of this extensive feature, you can easily configure the privacy settings you need to choose the best level of security, all in one handy location. It walks you through the process step-by-step. In your privacy settings, click “Start Checkup” to begin a process that will walk you through several privacy layers to improve the security of your calls, messages, and personal data.

We recognize how important it is to have a safe communication environment, which is why we must ensure the security of your private discussions. We are actively using creative methods to disseminate this message throughout the world in order to highlight how important this issue is. We are urging people to safely communicate with one another through private messages starting this week, so that friends and family can be comforted knowing they have a secure place to express themselves.

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